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Wheel Balancing Neston

Rhino Tyres provide wheel balancing as standard when we change or swap a tyre. Getting your wheels properly balanced is important for fuel economy, comfort and tyre wear.

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Wheel Balancing

Our workshop comes equipped with the latest in tyre and wheel balancing equipment. We balance all types and sizes of wheel & tyre combinations.

From 28" alloy wheels to 14" steels, our large variety of weights and sophisticated balancing machine gives us the ability to balance almost any wheel.

You should get your wheels balanced if you're experiencing vibration (especially at higher speeds), improperly balanced wheels can cause damage over time to your vehicles suspension and drivetrain, in addition to creating a harsher and less comfortable ride.

Wheel Balancer

Balance Weights

Steel Clip on weights
Steel Clip-On Weights

Steel clip-on weights are the most common type of balance weight, used only on steel wheels. Easily removed, clips over rim.

Alloy Clip on weights
Alloy Clip-On Weights

Alloy clip-on weights are similar to those used on steel wheels, but designed to fit over the thicker rim of alloys. Usually only on inside of the wheel.

Stick on weights
Stick-On Weights

Stick-on weights are low profile weights with a self adhesive backing. Commonly used on alloys and often providing discreet option as hidden from view,

Why Get your wheels balanced?

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Improve Fuel Economy

Ensuring your wheels are properly balanced will guarantee the best possible fuel economy for your vehicle. The vibration caused by an imbalanced wheel can lead to poor fuel economy.

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Reduced Wear

Inbalanced wheels can result in increased wear as the wheels vibrate and oscillate at higher speeds due to the mass inbalance. Properly balanced wheels will ensure even and consistent wear rates.

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Increased Comfort

Even a small imbalance in a wheel can result in a significant vibration, especially with increased vehicle speed which multiplies the effect. A balanced wheel is a smooth rolling one.

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