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Tyre Repair Neston

Got a puncture? We can repair most punctures to tyres, why not come visit us to see if we can repair your tyre. We have all the equipment on hand to perform a professional repair.

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Tyre Repair

Our fully trained staff are qualified to repair tyres where a repair is possible. We use specially designed repair plugs and patches to return your tyre to a roadworthy state.

We always make sure that a tyre is safe to repair before performing the repair, we won't skimp on safety.

We're fully trained in the proper repair of tyres, with a wide range of professional equipment on hand to ensure a seamless repair.

Why replace your tyre if we can repair it?

Tyre Repair

The Repair Process


Checking if repair is possible

The first step involves using a gauge to check if the tyre can be repaired. If your puncture is too close to the sidewall of the tyre a replacement may be needed instead.


Preparing The Tyre

If we can repair your tyre we first ensure the rubber is at the right temperature, and place the tyre on a machine that flattens the tyre allowing work to be carried out.



We carefully locate the center of the puncture and drill a hole of precise diameter using a specialised drill bit for insertion of the patch plug.


Preparing the Plug

We then apply a special thermosetting compound around the affected area to ensure the repair patch adheres to the inside of the tyre.


Inserting the patch

Finally we insert a patch of the correct size to cover and plug the puncture, this patch sets and becomes part of the rubber of the tyre.



After the repair has been completed, we will re-balance your wheel, and test the repair thoroughly by pressurising the tyre to it's maximum pressure and performing a leak test.

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