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TPMS System Specialists

Since 2014, all passenger cars must have some form of tyre pressure monitoring system installed. Because of this we've doubled down on our TPMS training and equipment.

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What is TPMS?

TPMS stands for (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) and is an electronic sensor embedded into the valve on the inside of your wheel. It uses a small sensor and integrated wireless communications to update your vehicle on the pressure at each wheel in realtime.

Our advanced diagnostics allow us to read the values that the TPMS sensors send out, as well as recode and even replace damaged or dead sensors. Read more about how we do this below...


TPMS Repair

If your TPMS system is damaged, there is a chance we can repair it. We have full repair kits from AutoGem that allow us to carry out minor repairs to most TPMS systems.

We can also remotely diagnose the condition of your TPMS sensor using our diagnostics tool to determine if a repair is viable.

If we can't repair your TPMS we will replace it for you.

TPMS valves

TPMS Replacement

If we can't repair a TPMS system we will replace it for you instead, we have a complete supply of replacement TPMS modules from AutoGem that are compatible with the vast majority of passenger vehicles.

We use our diagnostics scanner to read the unique code off your old TPMS sensor and re-code the replacement to your vehicle.

A working TPMS system is essential to the safety of your vehicle.

TPMS sensors

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